I cut some spacers out to hold the two halves of my case apart yesterday.

So today I am going to take it apart and start glassing it together.

Not sure how this is going to go

Checking I have all the stuff I need to take this to bits and do it

Here we go!

I am taking it apart carefully as I need to get the screws back in the right places

Dad wandered off so I didnt get any pics

This is at the place for frame 110. Ive microfibred the pieces together, then screwed them.

Then I noticed the screws wernt down flat, so I took them out and countersunk them

I dripped bits of sawdust in my fillets.

I cant take it off until the fillet is completely dry or I might damage it.

I managed to get some splotches on my panels, but they should disappear when I sand them

This is where my nose joins on at f53

Had enough of doing that today.

Time to lay it on the floor so its nice and straight while it cures and to convince dad he needs some more ice cream at mc donalds and go skateboarding in the park