Now I have the sides together and all the screws where I need them, its time to take it to bits again.

I am coating the joints ready for microfibres

I am coating the reinforcements too. This stops the wood sucking all the resin away from the microfibres, which could cause my joints to break. I dont want that.

oooh looks like Ive gone blue.

Microfibre time. I am putting microfibres on my joints to stop my screws squeezing all the resin out of my joints. I am using the resin as glue as its stronger than the glue holding the plies in the ply wood together.

I am in a hurry now as the resin sets in 20 minutes and Ive used most of it.

It would be good if Dad would help instead of playing with his phone all day.

Now the joints are done, I need to put on these bits of wood to space out my case.

THe joint wasnt quite where I wanted it, so I got dad to move it with the angle grinder.

I am coating these joints with resin and microfibres too.

TIme to screw them together

I have primed the middle with resin as i had some left

As I did soo good with the case, mum visited and took us all out to Pizza Hut and to see a film at the pictures.