More fibreglass

I need to seal the bits where we ground off lumps

Lots of lumps

I am filleting these edges as they are inside the people area in the cabin

Time to go our biking.

Dad said Ride that way

Nearly got run over by a helicopter

The screws are sticking out too much

Taking them out

Countersinking them


Putting the screws back in again

Thats one done

This is the piece of marine ply that dissolved when it got wet.

Taking the screws out of my join - Little Idea had his finger on the lens

Thats the hull bottom out on top of the centreboard case

Dad put a hose pipe over it to see if it would fall apart too.

Even the ink on the marine ply board wasnt waterproof

TIme for Sunday lunch and to bring our diaries up to date I am a month out of date

He really is eating a chicken slice, cheese and jaffa cake sandwich.