My centreboard box isnt in the middle. Its only wrong by about 6mm, but its wrong.

I am taking it off again so I can see if I can fix it.

I put it on too well

I cut out all these blocks and now I am screwing them on so I can get the middle of the bottom on top of the case

Getting these on straight is taking ages.

Almost done.

Its back on

It is in the middle now

Celebrations at the local pub

I held the case and frames onto the bottom with these strops and we picked it up and turned it over.

I am thinking about a pole through both ends so I can put it on two stands and turn it to wherever I need it easily.

The blocks kept it straight, but now I can see what I am doing to adjust it a bit as its still out.

Checking all my measurements

I am moving this one over 3 mm to fix the 6 mm.

It fits properly now

I am microfibring in my frames

Its difficult to do this without making a mess.

I have fixed 2x3s across my frames as they are in two pieces each to keep them square and level

Cleaning up my microfibres with a flapwheel

Thats better. No spikes.

I have taken the bottom off again and smeared microfibres all the way along my case and I am now screwing the bottom on so it can set properly

Now I am attaching the ends of the frames again

Time to convince dad we need to go to Burger King