I am marking out this frame ready to cut it in half

I need to mark it to go round the centreboard case

I am cutting it to size

Errr... Think I need to lift up the case a bit

f124 is now on and so is f18

I fixed them on with little fixing blocks to hold them until I am sure they are in the right place and can glass them on. I didnt use wire as I wouldnt be able to fix the case afterwards as the slots too narrow

Time for 169

Just noticed this is delaminating a bit too.

Dad thinks they will swap the bad sheets for new ones.

It will be good to get it done before I end up fibreglassing on any of the damaged stuff.

As the timber I have for my sides isnt coming apart, dad thinks I should use that for the frames and then use the next lot that arrives for the sides.

That way I can get some more done.

I can even use these bits as patterns!