Im untying the new floor for my Yacht ready to start.

I am checking to make sure the board is square and the corners are at 90 degrees

I am measuring to get the lines in the right place

This line is for marking where the edges of the bottom should be cut

Marking how wide it should be here

Checking if I will be able to sit on the transom and have a picnic

Decided I must join the two big boards together before I can do any more marking.

I marked out a piece 15cm wide off my second board.

I should have made the line with a blade instead of a pencil.

I usually work with a pencil behind my ear, but my ears are too small to get a stanley blade to stay there, so I  forget.

The top cut out nicely, but the bottom was a lot ragged.

Couldn't fibreglass it together today as it had got too cold.