lofting 03

I hammered in some nails and bent a piece of laminated flooring around them to get the curve I needed for my bow shape.

When I had finished working outside, I got dad to take me to McDonalds for a treat, while I started calculating my hull sides lengths from the bow. I also converted to cms.

I built the bottom from the transom, now I want to build the sides from the bow so the joints are not together.

I also want to do all my measurements from one side and one end so I am less likely to make any mistakes and carry it on through the whole side. I dont want to have to throw the wood away and try to get dad to go get some more. I want more resin and rope!

I am marking all my side measurements onto the wood on top of our big boat, as its the flattest table thats long enough

Drawing in the curve for the nose