Adventure time!

Hes making me carry all his stuff too Grrr...

We are going that way!

When dad finally sorts himself out!

We are at Shell Bay near Studland.

Dad is wandering round on the beach muttering because he cant find his new paddle.

Hes swearing at me

Hes got to get quicker than that ha ha

Nice paddle this! I bet you would like a go!

Im just sticking it in the mud ha ha

Im making a getaway with my paddle now

Dad wants to know why the birds have sunk.

Dad doesnt know much about birds.

I suppose I SHOULD tell him he cant paddle over the sand bar....

There was this crunch. Hes just found out that my boat doesnt get pushed so far down in the water as his.

I parked up on the sand.

Oooh fishes!

Dad got stuck in the mud.

Im liking it here!

dad is still swearing after he stood in the mud.

I think they must wish they had built themselves a canoe too.

Islands! Im going to paddle through them!

Well...after I finish building a lorry!

Its no good. Dad cant row it as its got a huge hole in it!

And its chained up.

More lorry!



Im getting there before him!

Im going through the middle!


He just flicked water at me for nicking his paddle!

That was hours ago!

I like this picture!

Im still quickest!


catch me if you can!!


Running out of water, so we need to turn back soon and go along the left bank.

Dad thought those lumps were hippos!

That pipe is nearly flattened. I think dad must have sailed though here, and he hits everything! OW

Just sitting here waiting for him to catch up again!

Didnt know there was a house on Goathorn Point.

Dad wants it. I wonder if he thinks the car will float.

Its nice here under the shelter from the wind by the trees.

Tide is going out.

Time to see dad waddle down the beach trying to get his boat back in the water! OW


Going over there now, and its another mile and its against the wind (not dads).

They think he wont hit it if they paint it green or red...OW

He is sooo slow!

Water is getting a bit lumpy. Wonder if dad has noticed.

Im just powering through it.

And dad....well..


Looks like hes going the wrong way again.

Im almost there. Dads got another half a mile.


Hes swearing again.

They are concrete blocks dad! No bird pooed them out!

Looks like we are going to have to carry our boats over the mud.

Dads so puffed hes stopped swearing!

Just noticed the birds are singing!


Dad must get toilet paper! OW